Bhutan… well almost

So, thankfully I am somewhat over my nepali belly!! and up and ready to visit Bhutan, everyone I have met so far says this is the part of the trip that is the best so I have high hopes.  We get an early start for the airport after a light breakfast for me (toast!)! I meet my fellow traveller Nora, basically a scottish lady my mums age (she has a daughter my age too!).

Arriving at 9.30am for a 12.45pm flight, well the tickets says 12.45pm, the board for check-in says 13.25, Druk Air, so this bodes well.  The next step find out where to check-in, its says area B, so we wait, and wait, and then finally after a few conversations and trying to find out where to go we get ushered to area A.  A quick check-in, no problems and then we head through passport control, a little bit of a wait longer and then we head through the security towards the gates.

Then, we wait, and we wait, and then just as the departure time passes we are advised there is a delay due to technical difficulties, the flight has not left Bhutan yet!  So, we wait, and wait, then the announcement and we are hopeful of a time but its just to advise us they are providing some refreshments.  At this point my appetite can only really go so far as water and digestive biscuits, so looks like I will be tucking into them for a while.

Finally, 3.30pm we get advised the flight is cancelled and that we are being taken to a hotel and will be informed from there of the next steps.  As ever in these moments there are those that calmly deal with a situation out of their control, and those who lose the plot.  I guess with the luxury of 5 days in Bhutan vs. those with only 2 days (now only 1) I can’t really complain.  Disappointing yes, but such is life and many of the clear disclaimers and comments about traveling to these places, whats unusual is technical rather than weather related issues!!

So we get taken to a very nice place Himalayan Hotel, Kupondole,  Provided a nice room, well finally because initially we were all going to be paired up and sharing, very interesting for the 9 lone travelers who don’t know each other at all.  That was soon knocked back and the hotel organised individual rooms for us all.  Personally I wouldn’t be too bothered, after all a lot of the time I end up stuck on a boat with 12 people I have never met so this isn’t too much of a difficult situation to overcome, however its nice to have your own room!!

Dinner is lovely, by then I have a slightly better appetite so tuck into a nice soup, and a little rice, but think I am going to be pretty much a vegetarian from now on just in case!!  The nice thing about this sort of situation is getting to meet some other interesting fellow travelers and hearing of the places they have visited, and their experiences so dinner is a nice event rounded off with some positive news about our flight.

So, up at 5am, breakfast at 5.30am,  depart the hotel 6am and then flight leaves at 8.15am for Bhutan.  Sadly we lost a day, but hopefully we can make up for it in the time we have!

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