Pokhara to Kathmandu

Well invigorated by yesterdays hike I get up and work my way through the exercises my personal trainer gave me before I left. I’ve not had much chance to do them so far, probably only done this a few times but they are really good and when I am done I feel great. After breakfast I go for one last walk around Pokhara before leaving midday for the 7hr gruelling journey back to Kathmandu.

I am a little sad I won’t have more time in Pokhara as it is really lovely, but I know I will be back to hike Annapurna base camp, its one for the list of things to do in the future. I say goodbye to Nora and leave her to enjoy the a few more days of tranquility before she goes home. A little envious that she is doing a micro light flight over the mountains, that would definitely have been something I would have enjoyed given more time.

Anyway, we set off and I get stuck into reading my book. On the way we spot what looks like an accident probably about 1/2 way between Pokhara to Kathamandu, Lots of people standing at the side of the road looking over the cliff and into the river which looks ominous to say the least, and the army are there as well. We hit Kathmandu at what is rush hour, and its just astounding trying to get through the winding streets with buses and bikes all clogging up every bit of space, I can’t believe we make it through and also make it without a single scratch or ding. Its absolute carnage!!

But we do make it, and I get settled back in the hotel and ready for leaving in the morning to catch my flight to Beijing!


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