Planes, Planes and Automobiles….

So my last day in Nepal I had a rest really, a bit of a lie in and just hung out in a few a few places I wanted to check out, walked the streets of Thamel avoiding shopping! I decided to try a late lunch at Forest and Plate, mushroom, garlic and spinach with crispy potato. A cosmos on the roof terrace, and then popped to Friends for a late dessert of waffles and ice cream and an espresso martini before going back to finish packing and get ready to travel!!

I get to the Kathmandu airport early to check-in with what seems to be everyone in Nepal, its the busiest I have seen it (having been here at least 5 times already on this trip!) but I think this is because of the election coming up, but also when someone goes to the airport it seems at least 4 people go with them so although outside its busy, inside is not so much.

I check-in successfully thank goodness! and then make my way through to the lounge to relax and chill out before the flight, as I still have a good couple of hours to go. A few cups of tea later I’m on Cathay dragon and heading to Hong Kong. The flight is only four hours, but its already midnight so I switch on a film (Lucky Logan) and quickly fall asleep, no food for me and then we are arriving. 6am in Hong Kong.

Now its the waiting game, as my flight to Perth is not until 3pm…… so I just make my way to the lounge, thankfully transit in Hong Kong is a doddle compared to anything else. Its a bit of a walk but that is about it, just run through security again and you’re done. The airport is massive, lots of shops and food courts and places to check out, but I am heading to the lounge, a quick breakfast of cereal, toast and tea and then I find a chair and foot stool, curl up and go to sleep!!

Luckily with travelling many many times, I have learnt to get a reasonable sleep in a lot of uncomfortable places and today thankfully is one of those days, and luckily not too uncomfortable and when I wake up its about 10.30am local time. So now I just have what 4 more hours to kill before boarding!!!

A bit of light shopping, a few snacks for lunch and we’re off! Cathay Pacific is quite a good airline, very comfortable seats, reasonable leg room, the food and service were good. Cathay Dragon was also pretty good as its shorter distance provider. So as airlines go I could have done worse, and its a comfortable 7hrs to Perth.

I get in late, around midnight, and pickup the car that will have me touring round Western Australia a Toyota Rav 4 which is basically a huge car to fit all the luggage (although to be honest it doesn’t fit as much as you would think for an SUV! Anyway, I head to Fremantle and Pier 21 Apartments which I have booked for a couple of nights, before the big 7hr drive to Esperance!

Not long after I check-in I get my final revenge from Nepal I think, and am basically hit by food poisoning or something once more and spend a good 1/2 day vomitting again! The only thing I manage to do is get a bit of shopping from Coles, a simm card for Australia and that is about it really!! Then at midnight its to the airport to pick up my two travel companions, for the next part of the trip.


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