Farewell to Farm life, hello again Manuel Towers

So once again its the early morning 4am cockrell wake up call, I do my best to sleep through it as long as I can but 5.30am is my limit.  I want to make an early start anyway so that I can drop off the two people I have been travelling with for the last few days.

7am we finally make it out of the farmhouse and onto the road.  Now this is where you should never let a man organise things with another man!!  for some reason my  instructions of “ask you friend to pick you up in Bunbury” 24hrs earlier, weren’t actually clear enough for two men to understand apparently.  So, as we are approaching Bunbury and I ask when said friend is picking them up, it turns out said friend can’t be arsed to go to Bunbury its a bit too inconvenient and far away for him.  So now I practically have to drive them to his doorstep, in fact they may as well not have bothered organising anything at all!

As a result the great day I had planned to Yallingup, Black Brewing, Eagle Bay, and House of Cards then back up the coast sadly had to change! after all as much as I would have loved to I couldn’t just dump them at the side of the road to get a taxi 150km because they are incapable of communicating effectively.  So drive the additional 1.5hrs instead up the coast to what was planned to be my final destination of the day.   On the plus side, I get to see Ali and Manuel earlier than planned and have a great catch-up with them on their trip around Europe for the 50th Wedding Anniversary!!  The downside being I missed all the great stuff I wanted to do, but such is life when you agree to travel with other people “you can’t always get what you want”!

Luckily the wind kicks in a little, so West Oz kite get in touch shortly after the others have left and I manage to get a quick hour kiting under my belt and am pretty pleased that I can get up no worries, and ride a little and that the main struggle under the 15m kite is just lack of power/wind really.  So, it was worth doing that as tomorrow the forecast has it as very very very windy all day!!

After kiting, I chill out on the beach for the afternoon and just have a wander round safety and shoalwater bay, its a lovely area and the only thing that’s a bit of an eye sore is the work going on at Penguin Island where they are building a new jetty for the ferry, otherwise its just nice peaceful and the water is fab for a quick swim.  Its nice to be on my own again, relaxing and just watching the world and the dolphins on the beach go by!  In the evening I crack open a bottle of the Stella Bella Rose that I purchased in Margaret River yesterday, lovely with humous and crackers watching the sun go down! Funny that this is the first sunset I have actually managed to enjoy since getting to WA, nice that it was here in one of my favourite places to visit.

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