So the first day we got up early and headed to the Aguaventura office in order to get information about tomorrows big event, the volcano climb. They run through the different options, and roughly what it will be like and we all commit and pay the deposit of 30,000 CLP. The total cost is 95,000 but that is paid after you complete the climb. One thing they stress is to take it easy today and not do anything strenuous!!

Well I am happy to take their advice and have a chilled day, I head back to make myself some breakfast and then have a little nap after all the travelling and jet lag. I wake up refreshed and decide to take a stroll around the little town of Pucon. Its really lovely, a bit like a ski resort really, probably because during winter it is and you can ski the volcano. It is also very touristy and very busy as its peak season now for summer and school holidays.

I take a walk firstly down to what looks like the marina on the lake, sadly no availability for sailing today for me so I make so with a walk around the lake which is really beautiful, the shore is filled with sun lovers and its a scorching 31C today, the shore is a black sandy/rocky beach, black obviously due to the volcano. I walk around for hours taking in all the scenery and activities on offer. I find a really lovely little juice shop, pretty much the only one in the town and grab a nice cold pressed juice to go.

I then head to the super market to grab a little extra bits and pieces and head home to make myself a nice dinner, Serano ham, chorizo and veggie frittata with avocado! Only the pans not too crash hot so it becomes a bit more like a big mess of scrambled eggs, good all the same anyway.

The volcano hikers which is actually about 1/2 the group, then head to the Aguaventura office again to try on equipment so that in the morning we are all ready to go. Its an early 6am start tomorrow and a long day so rest is key! We get kitted out with helmets, salopettes, jacket and boots. Once done its time to head back to the hostel, we are staying at Hostel Victor which is like someones home just split into dorms, its nice but lets just say the rooms are compact an be’joux.

Early night for me after a short time getting to know a few of my fellow Dragoman travellers. I am a little nervous about tomorrows walk, but excited as this will be the first time I have ever walked up a volcano. Lets see how it goes!!

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