Road to Futaleufu

Another early start as we are crossing the border back into Chile today. Its a reasonable drive to the border and any fresh goods once again need to be eaten before we get there. I get my bags all ready and out in time for loading onto the truck and head back in to get breakfast and pick up the last bits of my food. For some reason once again my avocado’s have gone missing!! this was planned to be my lunch today as I forgot them yesterday!!! Sadly now I just have rolls and a banana! Frustrating….

We stop at a supermarket for lunch on the trip, but sadly as is common here the avocado’s are like rock… plus can’t get too much fresh food as we are nearly at the border, so I settle for a cheese and ham processed cream cheese!! I know it sounds terrible but was actually ok, and reminded me of Dairylea triangles back home.

The border crossing was pretty thorough, they took every single bag off the truck and all the boxes and went through them one at a time looking at pretty much everything. The crossing itself start to finish took about 2.5hrs. Next stop is the camp ground, called Los Coihues Camping Site.

This is our first night camping on the trip and altogether the camping to hostel ratio is about 50/50. The place is a alongside a river, and set-up really well. Hot showers from 7pm-10pm and 7am-10am. Today has also been pretty scorching, so everyone is very hot and most didn’t bother with the shower in Bariloche as it wasn’t really that good so at the moment its waiting for 7pm to come… and to fill the time we are unpacking everything from the truck.

First job putting up the tent, luckily for me and Krista (my tent buddy) we get ours as the demonstration tent from Mark! First job then, pick our location which we do, a nice spot on soft grass. Hopefully its comfortable, well as good as camping gets anyway. The tent is pretty straight forward to put up really, and so we get everything in the tent and ready, sleeping mat, bag, liner, and overnight stuff. We are camping here for 2 nights, out of 5 solid nights camping.

First things first, a shower which is actually really good in the make shift shower block. I start the evening a little stupidly accidentally heading into the male shower block… its not until I see the guy frozen in the shower, and then the Male sign in the mirror that I realise this and find out the women are on the other side of the block!! Get there eventually.

Dinner on the first night was pre-prepared by the 3 Dragoman guys (Mark, Ryan and Fabian), also now know as the 3 Pappis! Its a nice meal of spaghetti bolognese which we all tuck into, and because its cooked food it made it across the border safe and sound..

We get a big campfire going and everyone sits up and around this for a while, getting to know each other a little better each day, but with an early start planned for white water rafting in the morning its not a late one and soon time to get some rest.

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