Road to El Calafete

All packed up and ready to go, its nice to be able to get a good shower in the morning and then head onto the truck for 9am departure. Next stop is El Calafate, with a quick stop on the way at this strange little museum/cafe, basically lots of fossil rocks from dinosaurs although could just be a bunch of rocks really!! Its quite quirky. We get to El Calafate at around 1pm ish, to Hostel Los Pioneros again!!

Ryan announces I have my own room, Room 1 – very exciting. Everyone gets put into dorms and we head off. My own room however means I have been put on my own in a dorm with another person, and based on all the laundry hanging around the room I would say its a guy! So whilst everyone keeps digging at me, I just correct them. Mark puts his foot down as he doesn’t think that is appropriate and basically I get moved into his room with the Papis (tour leaders) and he goes into my spot. Very sweet of him to do that, but on the Dragoman tour I have to say that each of the leaders does try to make sure always that everyone is ok and taken care of which is nice.

By the time everyone is settled in, and I have moved rooms its pretty much time for dinner so a few of us head out as a group to find a place to eat. We go by Ryan’s recommendations, first place is full, second place ok which is part of a hostel. My steak is pretty good, but the others aren’t impressed. Its an easy day really, followed by a game of Shithead and Uno back at the hostel and a slightly late night. To be honest I am starting to seize up and my feet are still sore from the trek so will be nice to get a good sleep hopefully.

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