London to Dubai

So the day has finally arrived and its seems really strange to be leaving my home, my family and friends for the next 6 months to embark on a round the world trip….! Its a bit of a whirlwind tour I have planned, its not got much too room for spontaneity but I am sure I will try and cram some in somewhere. I am going to places I have wanted to travel for a while and also revisiting a few well loved places as well. The longest I stay in one location is 3 weeks Manly and even that will have some trips.  My round the world ticket is 16 flights, 8 different airlines and 13 countries over 169 days!

My last weekend in London was certainly one to remember with two good friends both turning 40, it was a little bit shall we say…’emotional’!  I did have an amazing time saying goodbye (for now!) and also, have to love mum for the Christmas dinner before I left.

I took the time to raid my foreign currency money bank before I left home and managed to find a handful of old UAE Dirhams, some Eastern Caribbean dollars, USD (probably enough for at least one drink in each place!) and Aussie dollars (its like finding a £10 note you didn’t know you had), every little helps and this will certainly come in handy.  I have my barclarycard travel card at the ready though!!

So the adventure nearly started in tragedy though as I narrowly avoided a major car accident leaving London, with some crazy fool pulling in front of me to cross lanes, changing their mind and slamming on their breaks, I think luck was on my side at that moment as I swerved to miss and thankfully had nothing in the other lanes… lets hope that luck continues for the trip! Thankfully getting to Heathrow was a lot easier.

Terminal 3 is looking good these days, I have a nice quick and easy check-in, a little light duty free shopping and then chilling in the BA lounge before my first flight out of London and my first stop over is Dubai. Tuck into some cheese and a really rather lovely Chardy, Kendall Jackson 2014 Vintners reserve (probably supplied by my last employer!) in the British Airways lounge before heading to the gate… best not get carried away writing my blog and miss my flight!! Might help if I go to the right gate as well…. and we are off.

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