The flight on Qantas to Dubai was really good, very attentive air stewards, I watched the Spiderman movie (not bad), had a lovely chicken dinner and some more chardonnay, a little sleep but maybe not enough as its quite a quick flight at 7 hrs, and we actually got in about 1/2hr early.  Smooth run through Dubai customs and baggage reclaim and then in the Taxi to see Rebecca, my best friend Jess’ sister. Its only a quick stop over of one day as i figured I was passing through and would be nice to say hi, and meet her three little girls.

It was a fun day, cup of tea and a catch up on life then off to the park for playtime with the girls for the afternoon. No idea how Becca manages so well juggling these three little ladies, they are certainly gorgeous bundles of energy. Lilly the eldest makes me a nice picture showing off her artistic and maths skills at the same time, so that’s now on a little trip round the world, packed away next to my books. Izzy (one of the twins) makes me a cheese and ham toasty which I think if I hadn’t stopped her might have been cut into bite size chunks, quarters was far enough I think, but she does like to take care of you, when she’s not jumping up and down on your tummy that is!

Then once the girls are off to bed me and Becca head off to ladies night in the city, Pier 7 in the marina, and The Scene restaurant followed by Cargo. Dubai is pretty buzzing for a Tuesday and needless to say with ladies nights and free flowing drinks in a lot of places there is certainly a few sights to see. I figure this is a good time to have a nice fillet steak and some wine before I head off to Nepal in the morning. The food was great, wine was good and anyway it was free for 2 hrs so can’t complain and the view of the marina was lovely and nice to sit outside in a balmy 26C.  Becca ordered a cocktail called a frose, I joked its probably frozen Rose… well that is no joke… hmmm interesting!

We ordered our comfort driver to take us home not too late as I am flying in the morning, he basically turns up and drives you back so you can go out and have a drink.  Great idea, especially when the Uber Chopper isn’t available! lol…

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