Last day in Esperance

So, one of the pitfalls of travelling with others (and why solo travel is something I prefer by far)…. the indecision situation! So yesterday, a few back and forth’s about what to do and a lot of things that weren’t happening in Esperance because, well, its not quite busy season and not enough tourists to justify going out and providing touristy stuff to the few of us here… things like the boat cruise around the archipelago islands, and fishing etc all basically not happening! The one thing that was, Woody Island and a missed opportunity to buy the tickets online when I wanted to during the day… due to maybe something better being on offer.  Note to my future self, just do it, regardless….

Anyway, so eventually the consensus yesterday was yep its 9pm, lets do Woody Island tomorrow… sadly that was too late online!  So, when we rocked up on the off chance we were quickly told the boats full come back tomorrow…! So now we have to decide what to do.

I have basically googled the crap out of what to do around here and gone over this a few times, but obviously I am not the visitor centre! So we head there, and seek professional guidance for our dilemma of what to do now.  They advise us to do the Kepwari Trail around the lakes (that was my suggestion in the first place!). A 7km light and easy walk around lakes and wetlands just 10 minutes out of town… nice and easy. The second recommendation is the bits we missed on the Great Ocean Drive (bike ride) because they were basically up and down massive hills which no one really wanted to tackle.

So we set off for the wetlands. Its ok, a nice walk is the best way to describe it, with some places for bird watchers although not that many birds to be seen (but then we are pretty much stomping around rather than walking like little fairies so as not to disturb!). I think the sad thing here is the missed opportunity, the wetlands would be great if there was a canoe/kayak to take you back. The walk is not a circuit so you walk from one side to another and back again. There is a canoe/kayak route that takes you back, but obviously you need a canoe or kayak!! Apparently that company no longer operates…. that seem to be a common story for Esperance sadly.

Anyway, we walk back and then head off for the Great Ocean Drive “the bits we missed”, to be honest its worth it, we check out the view from the Observatory which is really great, and then 9, 10, 11 mile beach… basically one beach but different entry points. Then we have a couple of hours just relaxing on the beach at Twilight Cove, which is nice and calm, sheltered from the cool breeze. The water is still pretty chilly, I would say about 18-19C maybe and today although its mid 20s theres a bit of a breeze.

After a chill out on the beach we head back, grab some food and relax for he rest of the day/evening with an early start planned to get us to Albany tomorrow and more outdoor fun in the sun ahead.

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