Esperance to Albany

So with a really early start under my belt, 7am I hit the road to get to Albany. There are a few places en route to check out but the first one is 4hrs away Bremer Bay. That is just a straight drive through national park roads to get there, I make good time arriving there before lunch and can have some time stretch legs and take a walk around the long stretch of beach.

Bremer Bay is yet another huge white sand beach that sweeps around, the tide is out pretty far and there is a lot of sand it almost looks like you are walking on snow if it wasn’t for the sea rolling in! Its not a long stop, just need to get petrol for the gas guzzling machine and move on to the next stop which is about 1.5hrs away.

Next stop before getting to Albany is Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, its another lovely national park and when I arrive there are quite a few people there camping. During my last visit here in January I went to a place called Little beach which is beautiful and well worth the visit. On this trip I check out Eagle Bay which is huge, you can walk it end to end and then get to little beach which is a bit of a walk. Driving from Eagle Bay entrance to Little Beach is an hour!! You have to go all the way around the park sadly, well more if you aren’t in a 4wd, something that to be honest I would highly recommend if you are coming this way. Definitely would come in handy, and well its pretty fun!

So after Eagle Bay its into Albany and checking into the airbnb that is Spencer Cottage, right opposite the Entertainment centre on the harbour its a fab place, I would highly recommend it. Just a really lovely cottage that could sleep up to 6 people and is pretty cheap. Obviously I don’t need space for 6, but its great and convenient for one night!

I then chat with SUPlime, basically a lady called Tash, she’s awesome, really helpful about where to go what to do. Obviously not kitted out for travelling with the SUP she provides a soft roof rack to put on the car and gives directions to Kalgan River. Along with some SUPing technique tips!! Its really windy today, blowing a bit too much to be out on the ocean so river it is!

Kalgan River is about 15 minutes drive, a lovely spot, and the water is (well dirty brown!) pretty warm. SUPing is great fun, relaxing and good exercise so after being cooped up in the car its perfect. I follow the trail she gave me, its about 1.5hrs round trip starting upwind which is always a bit of a struggle.

At one point SUPing I think my arse tried to push me in as I over balance and almost in slow motion walk off the front of the SUP and head face first into the river! Thankfully all is ok, the sunnies don’t go missing and the SUP is recovered! A bit of river water never hurt and its quite refreshing (well that’s what I tell myself!). Sadly the second instance had me flopping off the side into mud, not quite so glamourous…. so I need another fall to get the mud off which I do a bit more gracefully!

Then its back with the SUP to Tash’s place, and off for a shower! She was great, only charged us $25 for the afternoon which is not bad really. It was a lovely way to end the day.

In the evening, it was easy to forget it was Friday. Albany is not exactly the hive of activity and it quite a small city (if it is a city?!). The best place apparently is Mean Fiddler, but with Christmas round the corner (so easy to forget really) the place is rammed with probably work Christmas dinners. So its settled the only place to go is Dylan’s on the Terrace which is a nice, simple place to eat and the burger is pretty good (although its hard to mess up a burger really in Oz), love the beetroot, typical Aussie style. Chocolate brownie to round things off and then another early night for another early start.

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