Farewell Perth, Hello Sydney….

So its a reasonably early start in order to get from Perth to Sydney. Packing is becoming a bit of an art form, especially packing in the few bottles of wine I bought on my lone wine tasting tour! Its all about travelling today, not much else.

Perth airport is pretty easy to navigate, although they are currently developing this and we are only flying domestic so its all fine. Sadly the hire car is not all fine, and after an initial road train incident which resulted in chipping the windscreen a few times one chip had grown each day until basically it has stretched all across the windscreen as a big crack!! there goes the deposit for now until I claim it back, oh well.

The flight left on time, but then sadly delayed before landing by around 45 minutes and eventually make it to Sydney. It takes a short time to get bags, get a cab that will fit in all the bags and then get to the crew house.

When we arrive the beer is already flowing as everyone is getting acquainted or reacquainted. Its really lovely to see the old crew and meet the new ones. Great bunch of people, and well one beer leads to two and before I know it the wine I shipped over is gone, along with all the beer and its 2.30am!!

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