Bondi, Rock Star Crew House

First morning in the crew house.  The house is amazing, can’t miss the green fascia.  Luckily I managed to bag the double room with en-suite to myself!! Always helps if you are the organiser! I had the first cockroach experience (and I am not talking about anyone in the crew .. !) hopefully the little chap won’t be back.

Everyone is a little worse for wear after a very very late night, but thankfully today is a very administrative day and we aren’t heading to the boat until around 2pm. So the morning starts with running off the night before and heading over for the coastal run to Coogee, but no way was I getting all the way to Coogee, so Clovelly was the target for today.

Then its time to get supplies for the house, and off shopping with Pete and Dan. Nice for me to have a change and just fill the trolly and have 2 big strong guys to carry all the bags back to the house, I could get used to this. Tonight we are eating out so thankfully not need for cooking just yet!

First things first we are handed out the crew gear which looks very professional this year, spot on! The boat is PYRArnoldCO-Wot Eva on the listing because of the joint partnership between Rohan and Christian (PYR).

We then head off to the boat around 2pm. We pick up our lunches and then off to Wot Eva to say hi to Dave the boat owner, and start a basic check of everything and handover. Its basically like when you get a hire car only a bit more thorough as all the parts of the boat are checked to ensure there is no damage or issues that we should be aware of. That takes a couple of hours and then its a quick drink in the CYCA bar and back to the House.

Tonight we are heading to Icebergs for Dinner, this is a members club and surf life savers to the right of Bondi Beach so only a short work, and tonight we have our special guest Matt who was part of the Hobart crew last year but sadly not making it this time. Its lovely to catch up with him again, he is hilarious (should be a stand up comedian we all think!) so that is good for the entertainment for the evening.

Anyway, we get to Icebergs and head into the restaurant only then to be pointed to the other area, bit less up market! Some crew (who have been before!) faces dropped as we were downgraded, so the roped off area I booked was obviously not quite what we expected. No worries, it was pretty nice with a lovely sea view and we sat down for dinner and had a lovely evening anyway.

During dinner Matt called Kylie, another old Hobart crew member, I hadn’t realised she was living in Sydney again which is great so we FaceTime her and can’t really hear much over all the crew shouting but basically invite her to the crew party tomorrow! It will be great to catch up.

At some point during the night we get onto the subject of Pete’s Tinder profile as he is on the market these days, so I do a little critique to give him a woman’s perspective, sadly his main picture makes him look like a serial killer a little bit so I get to work on replacing it. And so, enter the pineapple, to be honest it was a pretty good picture after that the girls came rolling in…. only 5 more photos to improve and then words. Need less to say when there’s a pineapple, inflatable sharks, a mini ball pit, and a few drinks…. its a hilarious night, but another late-ish one! Tomorrow will be hard.

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