S2H Crew Party

So, despite feeling a little jaded from the night before I get up early at 6.30am and go for a run with Pete, Dan, Kim (he’s a boy!) again heading to Clovelly. Sadly today I don’t quite make it there although the boys do, I get as far as the cemetery (now a pretty tough hilly but nice detour after the coastal path has started to fall away!) so not too bad, but I think I am beaten by the heat as its a blistering hot morning. We do have a go at a few more photo’s of Pete for his Tinder profile, working out, doing dips… , all good fun!

Then its time to head to the boat and get out sailing. We are pretty light on crew today as not many people have arrived yet, but its a good idea for us to get out on the water and refresh ourselves. I am looking forward to this as I haven’t been sailing since I stepped off this boat in Hobart back on 29th Dec 2016!

I get put on trim as all the professionals (as expected) are in the key roles, Bow, Pit, Helm etc. Its actually quite interesting to do trim as I don’t do it very often, but I do miss the pit and bow! We don’t have any of the lines for the spinnakers run in so its Jib only today which is nice, so a nice calm day on the water really getting re-familiar with the boat.

In the evening I cook the Hairy Dieters special Spanish Chicken for everyone which goes down a storm and around 8pm we get to the crew party which sadly is deserted and no one is around!! When we check it out there are about 5 people there!! not much crew sadly. So we stay in the CYCA bar for the evening. Kylie joins us, and so does Bryan and Matt so we have a load of people that we have all sailed with!

What a fun night, and then Philippe (our tactician from last year) gets in late to Sydney and comes to join the party! lots of fun to be had, and Pete starts chatting up Kylie and shows her his pineapple picture and she agree’s to a date! haha… the power of the pineapple hey. Lets see how that goes tomorrow. A good night had by all and then its back to the crew house, a few drinks and midnight snacks later and we head off. tomorrow is going to hurt for sure…

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